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Seahorses - H. reidi
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   Seahorses - H. reidi  

Hippocampus reidi seahorses!


February 2010, I purchased two breeding pairs of Hippocampus reidi seahorses and for several months attempted to raise their fry. They are very lovely with adorable personalities but their offspring are very, very small and fragile so raising them was a challenge!
I did succeed in raising a few fry 60 days post settlement but have since sold the pairs to another breeder.

5th day 3-14-2010.JPG

This is a photo of a 5 day old reidi.

Mating dance!


Successful egg transfer!


Meet "Lucky" the first reidi baby I raised! In this photo he was only 2 months old.

5-6-10  2month old reidi4.jpg