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Hello & Welcome to Doni's Reef!


May 17, 2014 is the day that all of my designer clownfish breeding pairs (& the Snowcasso trademark) was transferred to their new home in sunny Florida! 


My name is Doni Marie and this site is about my breeding adventures!

It all started with my 120 gallon reef when my Picasso pair started spawning June 2008. Now I am always busy rearing some sort of marine fish/invert! To date, I have successfully raised A. percula, A. ocellaris (blk/wht), Pterapogon kauderni (cardinal fish), H. reidi seahorses and Lysmata boggessi (peppermint shrimp).
I currently maintain 1,000+ gallons of reefing, breeding, hatching and growout systems.  The combined systems consist of two 100 gallon sumps, seventeen 20 gallon, seven 40 gallon, one 120 gallon reef, one 65 gallon reef, one 60 gallon reef, multiple rotifer & nauplii hatcheries, and two quarantine tanks.

Here are some threads that explain my adventures from beginning to current! Very long reads but filled with lots of information!
My 120 gal Reef Chronicle
Rearing Picasso percula clownfish
Woodstock Picasso Clown Club
Growout System
Snowcasso® is a registered trademark

   120 gallon reef tank

   300 gallon hatching system

   380 gallon growout system