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   Foods & Feeding  


I feed my juveniles SEVERAL times a day. I try to feed them a variety of foods and they will eat just about anything. When I am in a big hurry, I'll feed small pellets of Otihime or New Life Spectrum. When I have more time on my hands, I will make a 'soup' for them This 'soup' is made up of 1 full cup of saltwater, thawed enriched brineshrimp, thawed Cyclopeeze, VitaChem, ground flake foods (several different types) and sometimes a few drops of garlic extreme. Here are the ingredients with a dime showing how small the particles are or should be crushed too:

Click Here for more information on OTOHIME foods


 NewLife Spectrum GROW formula
Click Here for more information on NLS foods


NewLife Spectrum (Small Fish Formula)


Omega One flake

Formula Two

OSI Spirulina Flake

VitaChem supplement


Frozen Cyclopeeze & Brine Shrimp



Soup time!



I feed a LOT of fish so this recipe makes a full cup of 'soup'-- One cup of saltwater, a 1" chunk of cyclopeeze, a 2" square chunk of brine shrimp, 1 teaspoon of VitaChem, lots of crushed flake foods


Here are a few juveniles enjoying some 'soup'